Our Mission
We, the faith community of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish, strive to live, share, and be Christ in all we do.

Area: Priestly and Parish Staff
GOAL 1: Maintain quality pastoral care that is responsive to the existing and future changes of clergy, religious, and lay leadership.

1.1 Determine if the Eastside Catholic Community cohort is to continue to be the vehicle/structure for future OLL parish planning within the new Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan

Action Steps
1.1.1 Consult Eastside Catholic Community pastors to confirm their desire to continue collaborative planning for the future. Affirm this decision is supported by the Archdiocesan leadership.
1.1.2 With the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan as a guide and resource, reconvene the current ECC Cohort Team and/or establish a new ECC model for future planning.  Designate a Parish Pastoral Council member to serve as liaison to this planning team.

1.2 Evaluate and prioritize the pastoral needs of the parish community and align the components with the framework of a thriving parish as outlined in the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan.

Action Steps
1.2.1 Seek guidance from the Archdiocese to find the best tool for completing an evaluation of parish pastoral needs.
1.2.2 Assist and oversee the Pastoral Needs Evaluation by engaging Commission and Committee leadership and the full parish community.
1.2.3. Prioritize needs in alignment with the framework of a thriving parish per the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan.

Area: Parish Community/Fellowship
GOAL 2: Connect parishioners with each other and offer opportunities to participate in at least one parish ministry/activity in addition to liturgy each year.

2.1 Foster welcoming by inviting congregation participants to introduce themselves to pew neighbors at the beginning of each meeting/celebration.

Action Steps
2.1.1 Develop script for cantor to follow, inviting introductions prior to start of Mass.
2.1.2 Promote an article/ad in newsletter/bulletin, encouragingly parishioners to greet new faces in the pews. Perhaps establish a set of “jump start” questions.
2.1.3 Promote monthly coffee & donut gathering using our existing media format. Extend this to include a reminder in the announcements at end of Mass.

2.2 Match established parishioners with new or inactive parishioners of similar demographics and interests to serve as a parish guide for one year.

Action Steps
2.2.1 Create sub-committee to recruit mentor families to match with new parishioners. Extend this to include inactive parishioners.
2.2.2 Develop procedure for sharing registration of new parishioners and their interests to sub-committee.
2.2.3 Organize quarterly gathering of new parishioners at a designated mentor home (or a comparable location) to share opportunities for participating in the parish community.

2.2.3 Acknowledge milestones in parishioners lives with cards and phone calls (Welcome, Birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, weddings, funerals).

Action Steps
2.3.1 Create master calendar of personal milestones for office volunteers to use for notifying parishioners on a weekly basis.
2.3.2 Designate responsible person for editing of the master calendar as required.
2.3.3 Include milestone events in bulletin: New parishioner welcome, weddings, baptisms, anniversaries.

Area: Evangelization
GOAL 3: Create an attitude of sharing faith and develop greater skills of faith sharing at Our Lady of Lourdes.

3.1 Explore new programs to advance a greater understanding of cultural diversity and the world around us.

Action Steps
3.1.1 Provide access to programs such as the Intercultural Competencies Training Program for training in the inclusion and integration of diverse cultural groups into the life and mission of the parish.   Explore the possibility of a parish wide activity relating to equality, the environment, or a like social concern that fosters Christ in the vein of Pope Francis’ encyclicals on the environment and social justice.
3.1.2 Invite parishioners to share their cultural, ethnic, heritage realities and experiences through intercultural dialog opportunities and gatherings.

3.2 Promote and support faith-sharing groups.

Action Steps
3.2.1 Prepare, recruit and invite a potential list of small group leaders by introducing program material ideas and a commitment to providing training and support to facilitators.
Gauge the interest in forming faith sharing groups with announcements and social media outreach.
3.2.2 Host a “series” of different themes throughout the year with various facilitators leading their area of study and interest.
Engage and provide faith-sharing groups the ability to meet and openly discuss their faith.

Area: OLL School

GOAL 4: Lead the parish in patronage of Our Lady of Lourdes School so that it can continue to thrive by successfully educating children and providing a foundation of faith upon which they will build their Christian lives.

4.1 The OLL Parish and OLL Parish Pastoral Council will provide the support and resources required to implement the 2020 enrollment team plan with a focus on attaining goals of increasing awareness, recruitment, communication, and organizational development.

Action Steps
4.1.1 Create a new committee to focus on development and alumni relations, functions independently of Parish Pastoral Council and School Commission.
4.1.2 Celebrate alumni and bolster their ties to the parish and school.
4.1.3 Create opportunities for communication and learning between parish and school.
4.1.4 Implement programs that more deeply involve school families in parish life.

4.2 We will actively strengthen the connection between parishioners and school families.

Action Steps

4.2.1 Educate the parish council on current plan – request formal vote and statement of support.
4.2.2 Educate the parish on the school’s marketing plan – sermon on Catholic education.
4.2.3 School Commission will provide biannual reports on enrollment plan progress to Parish Council – break out enrollment numbers and seek assistance where needed.
4.2.4 Deliver regular and ongoing reports to the parish to increase parent engagement in school.
4.2.5 Identify social media ambassadors for the school from the parish.
4.2.6 Explore the idea of parish/school engagement project.

4.3 We will provide OLL School with resources that are easy to procure and make those resources readily available.

Action Steps
4.3.1 The Parish Council will amend its by-laws to appoint the Vice Chairperson of the Parish Council as the official liaison to the School Commission.
4.3.2 The Parish Council will encourage the students and their families to be involved in the sacramental activities of the church.
4.3.3 Put a process in place where the School can approach the Parish to formally request assistance directed toward the mission of the school and its efforts to sustain a healthy and vibrant Catholic education resource.